Meet the Speakers of Perl Meetup #5

Meet the Speakers of Perl Meetup #5

2015-11-17 14:23:14

Peter "ribasushi" Rabbitson

Current edition's Guest Speaker

The chainsaw delegate (release manager) of DBIx::Class since 2008

A precision-perl devotee and resident sorcerer leading the crusade against all things "backwards-incompatible" and "too damn slow"

Talks submitted:  "SQL for accountants: understanding the beast via Spreadsheets" (20 minutes), "Advanced SQL for programmers: understanding the power of the beast via Spreadsheets" (40 minutes) and "Are you ready for the imminent collapse?!" (lightning talk)


Writer of code, yeller of words, Sawyer X has been working in and with Perl for longer than he can remember, mostly because his memory is terrible.

He is a CPAN author, frequent conference speaker, and organizer of Perl Mongers events.

Talks submitted: "XS Fun" (20 minutes), "do_this() and die; " (20 minutes) and "Unstupidifying MP3 tagging" (lightning talk)


Mihai Pop

Mihai Pop is 22 and he recently got his Bachelor Degree in Computing Science.

 He's been programming in Perl for more than a year and took part in London Perl Workshop 2012 and YAPC::Europe 2013, where he held a lightning talk as a Perl newbie.

7 years' experience in academic debate as a debater, judge and event organizer

Talks submitted: "Perl 6 OOP" (40 minutes) and "Perl 6 asynchronous programming" (20 minutes)


Attila-Mihaly Balazs

  • Talk submitted: "Automate all the things! - How continuous delivery can save your sanity" (40 minutes)