Meet the Speakers of Perl Meetup #7

Meet the Speakers of Perl Meetup #7

2015-11-17 16:05:16

Ovid - guest speaking at the current #clujpm edition

  • Freelance Perl expert.
  • I offer training and consulting in agile development, software testing and Perl.
  • My published works include the book 'Beginning Perl", co-authorship of the book "Perl Hacks", and multiple technical articles.
  • My testing modules ship in the Perl core and I have commit rights on much of the Perl testing infrastructure.
  • I can even make a decent Bloody Mary.

Sawyer X

  • Writer of code, yeller of words, Sawyer X has been working in and with Perl for longer than he can remember, mostly because his memory is terrible. 
  • He is a CPAN author, frequent conference speaker, and organizer of Perl Mongers events.


  • Half-geek, half-marketer, 100% into Perl products. 
  • Perlish Marketer @
  • Product Development @


  • A perl noob!


  • Enthusiastic, friendly, sometimes geeky, ok, most of the time geeky, and a firm believer that "Perl is NOT dead;
  • It has been a little more than a year since I first started working with Perl and the Perl Community, and I still feel like a newbie, still learning a lot every day.


  • Things I do with Perl: GUI applications using wxPerl, database migrations between DBF files, MSSQL, SQLite, MySQL and Postgresql, custom CMS systems using Mojolicious, Template Toolkit, DBIx::Class and Moose.


  • He is a programmer journeyman who appreciates challenges, working on all levels of the stack, learning and teaching.
  • He has worked with many tools and technologies (from reverse engineering to web applications) and would love to delight and inspire you interesting ideas.


  • Started coding Perl three years ago, it was a build-in scripting language on my iMac;
  • Oldest 'send-a-newbie' ever send to a YAPC, "proudly sponsored by the community";
  • Co-organizer Dutch Perl Workshop (NLPW), from decline to doubled attendees and triple?
  • Perl  socializer, give me a call and we'll have an emergency social when you are in the Netherlands;
  • Annoying purist that loves standards, so be prepared before you start a fight;
  • Act-Voyager Captain, the Next Generation, TPF $6.000 Grant... no way back!
  • Restarted THEMA-MEDIA (1994 founded), Perl for profit and fun and the community;
  • Children's church preacher and some few years later.... math-teacher;
  • Graphic designer that loves typography, and now, my favorite font: courier;
  • Spoiled iOS developer, where things are easy, because Apple build a huge fence;
  • Insane ideas that got stuck getting out of a bizarre mind, worth a million dollars;
  • Love to be back in the race after some detours, but hack, that is life;
  • Trains take longer to bring you at your destination, but it's more comfortable and more exciting;


  • Stormy developer that uses Perl as the default tool for apps or cracking nuts.