The New Cluj.PM Blog is here!

2015-11-18 18:42:07

Happy day, today we made the final touches and were finally able to release the brand new #clujpm blog into the World Wide Web!

It’s a community blog, so we want YOU to be part of it! It’s a place for learning, growing & nurturing technical excellence! It’s above all a place for sharing.

Whether it’s a new module you’ve discovered, or how awesome a framework you’ve worked with is, share Perl best practices, found a new awesome online course, you’ve been to a conference & came home totally impressed by a state-of-the-art gadget, a talk you’ve absolutely loved, or community-related topics, it would be lovely to read about them all!

To become a #clujpm author, just sign up here, and we’ll create your user in no time.

See you at Cluj.PM, let's cover this event on the shiny new blog!