Call For Speakers: Adventures::In::Perl::Land

Dear Perl Mongers, it's been a while since our last Cluj.PM meeting, so it's high time we announced the next event:


We scheduled a summer meeting for August 9th, 2012 and we're now calling for speakers.

The topics should be, of course, Adventurous and Perl related because, no matter how interesting and fabulous could other domains be, a talk on philosophy or forensic anthropology won't satisfy a bunch of Perl guys who crave for fascinating technical topics.

So, have you created modules, did you meet particular challenges while working on a Perl project and you want to share it, are you interested in a specific module and know everything about it or did you have any other awesome experience with Perl? We'd definitely want to hear about it!

Please submit your talk (topic, main idea and duration of your presentation) by sending an email to by July 20th. Please keep in mind that there are two types of talk slots: 15 minutes and 5 minutes (the so-called lightning talks). All the approved speakers will be notified by July 25th.