Cluj.PM Joined the O'Reilly Community

Good news for members of Cluj.PM: starting May 2013, our user group is officially part of the O'Reilly Community. What does it mean? Well, please find below the benefits of joining the programme:

40% discount on printed books and 50% on e-books. To get this discount when shopping on , please subscribe to, as all the necessary information is going to be emailed to our mailing list.

You can also review copies of O'Reilly products - the  reviews should be published on our site or newsletter but also why not send them to, slash dot or any other online sites of your choice? (there is a list of new books listed in the Newsletter from which you can select book(s) of interest to your group).

To request a review copy, please send an email to , with the title of the book, your postal address and phone number, specifying the User Group you belong to.

See you all on, where I'll be sending all the details you need for benefiting from O'Reilly's offer for user groups. Please e-mail me ( for any other info I may help you with.